Steven Bartos

I’m from Bowling Green, KY and am also called “The Crossfit Butcher”. I went to Western Kentucky University where I stumbled upon CrossFit Old School in 2011.

I received my CrossFit Level 1 in 2013 and went on to receive my Level 2 at CrossFit Carbon in 2018. I’ve always been active and played sports growing up.

The sense of community you receive at CrossFit Old School can rival that of your own family or sports team. While being part of a team it’s important to be coach-able and consistent. As a coach, both of these qualities are something I preach to our athletes.

I would say my favorite WOD to do is “The Seven”. My favorite experience in the box is our annual “Memorial Day Murph”. My only regret is not finding out about CrossFit Old School sooner.