Get Started


Sign-up for a Newbie Class

This introductory class is required for everyone. It allows you to be in the environment, do a workout, and meet the coaches. Relax… we know it is intimidating so rest easy in knowing we will take good care of you. We promise!

To sign up for our Newbie Class, you can click on the link below to sign up for our next available class:


Attend Newbie Class

During the Newbie Class you should expect classroom discussion in addition to a workout. Please remember to dress in comfortable, workout clothes.

Prior to attending the Newbie Class, we recommend drinking plenty of water to ensure that you are properly hydrated. We recommend drinking half of your body weight in water (ounces) a day. For example, if you weigh 200lbs, then you should drink around 100 ounces of water throughout the day.


Purchase Protocol

In order to become a member of our gym, you will first need to sign-up for our protocol program.

The protocol program is only 4 days long and is mandatory for everyone. It provides beginners with an opportunity to properly learn the basic movements that will be used during all CrossFit workouts.

The cost for our protocol program is $165. However, this also includes your first month of membership.


Get Personal Coaching

Once you sign up for protocol, you will be contacted within 24 hours by your new personal coach. You and your coach will discuss the schedule that’s best for you and they will assist you through the 4-day program.


90 Day Mentoring

After your protocol is complete, your coach will be your spirit guide through your first 90 days. During this time, you and your coach will connect in many ways, and he or she will help assist you in this new endeavor!

We also know that nothing is more important than results – so we will help you to track your gains through the CrossFit Old School Wodify system.