Letter to our Members

CrossFit Old School was established in February 2010. The plan of attack: to provide something that no other facility did. We wanted to be different; we wanted to bring back that “old school” mentality of unprecedented customer service. The kind where customer is in turn, the boss. The kind where first names are used and what’s happening in each other’s lives is important.

You each know what I am talking about. I’m sure you can recall a memory of walking into a store with your Mom & Dad and the person behind the desk greets them on a first name basis and then looks down at you; calls you by name also, and then proceeds to ask you how you did in yesterday’s little league game.

Here at “CrossFit Old School,” we have built a family, a home away from home, a place to come and release stress; have some laughs and all the while, kicking our butts in workouts. It is a way of life. There is no reason to dread working out, well maybe sometimes but knowing that there will be others by your side going through the same torture, helps to provide the courage to carry on.

We want people to take ownership of their lives and the facility we call CrossFit Old School. Between our crazy WODs and variety of athletes, 2 things can be guaranteed: you will get a great workout and will be surrounded by people who truly care.

No one is perfect. However, we each have the opportunity to learn from mistakes and try to make a difference. “Old School” is a lifestyle developed on WODs. We sweat, bleed, feel dizzy, and wonder, “why am I paying for this?” We pay because of a simple word surrounding and stabilizing Old School. It’s love. We continually are building bonds that keep us coming back for more. We love the way we feel, the way we are beginning to look, and the other family members in the gym. We take pride in wearing our “CrossFit Old School” shirts. They mean something and rightfully should. You have created a lifestyle many are envious of.

My wish for each of you is to keep this mindset and be proud of what you accomplish on a regular basis at CFOS. Continue conquering fears, one at a time. In turn, I will give you a better understanding of your body and the direct positive impact proper nutrition and exercise will have on your life.

Never give up on yourself, because I don’t plan on giving up on you.