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Reebok CrossFit
Games 15.5

27 - 21 - 15 - 9 of
Row for Calories
Thrusters 95/65#

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What is CrossFit Old School?

CrossFit Old School is not your typical gym. We offer a structured program with a focus on constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements for people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Our goal is to help members improve their physical fitness in a friendly and encouraging environment.

For the month of April, we are offering two "Newbie Nights". You can join us on March 30, 2015 or April 20, 2015. Classes are limited in size, so please call the gym to reserve your spot!

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Study Hall

Nutrition: What are we Supposed to Eat!?

December 4, 2014

Learn about one of the most important aspects of CrossFit, one that is as important as the exercises: Nutrition! 


An Intro to the CFOS Blog, Plus Some Other Cool Stuff

December 4, 2014

An introduction to the CrossFit Old School blog, plus some other great resources.