Moe Harrison

Your job is simple, be the best version of yourself, everything else is noise.

Maureen “Moe” holds a number of CrossFit certificates: L2, Endurance, Olympic Lifting and Aerobic Capacity. She has also been the endurance coach since 2011.

Her old training methods of over-training brought her to CFOS in a physical broken state in 2010. Unable to maintain her running routine while staying injury free, the coaches at CFOS taught her proper technique for strength and conditioning. After this training, her health, strength, mobility, and running greatly improved. She became faster and relatively injury free. She has been able to continue her life long passion for running, completing 11 marathons, 2 being in Boston.She continues to run, teach other athletes, helping them reach their running goals, from a 5k to marathon, road or trail.

Moe is originally from Mesa, Arizona. She graduated from ASU with a bachelors in Nursing. Following graduation she was an active duty Army nurse for 4 years. She worked various nursing jobs for 20 years. Now Moe has her own business as a professional seamstress.

In her spare time she loves catching up with her grown sons, reading, cooking, traveling or riding her motorcycle.