Erin Richter

Erin Richter still remembers when she first found CrossFit. She and some friends would watch some of the videos/workouts, say, “These people are crazy!” but then rush into the gym to try it themselves. Overhead squats, she could barely do with a PVC pipe, and don’t even talk about her first attempts at handstand push-ups or double unders. Handstands she would crumble down into a pile of spaghetti, and double unders, that rope would be sent flying; because — of course — it was the rope’s fault.

That was 2006. By late 2007, Richter realized this was not just a hobby. This was a passion for her — something she had to be part of and wanted to bring to the Bowling Green/Warren County community. So, in January 2008, she headed to Camp Pendleton to get her Level 1 training. Richter’s coaches were the original CrossFit Elite, including founder Greg Glassman, Greg Amundson, and Nicole Carroll to name a few. In February 2008, Richter opened the first CrossFit affiliate in the Bowling Green area and only the fourth in the state of Kentucky.

In 2011 and 2012, Richter competed as a regional athlete in the Central East Division of the CrossFit Games. Handstand push-ups were still a challenge, but at least when she flipped upside down she no longer crumbled. She judged at Regionals in 2013, and in 2011, spent a week working for CrossFit HQ at the CrossFit Games in California. Richter also took a Master’s Athlete to the CrossFit Games in both 2014 and 2017.

Richter has not only focused on bringing in better education through a renowned program increasing overall health and wellness, but also through raising funds for numerous organizations. Thus far, CrossFit Old School has raised over $183,000 through events such as CrossFitting 4 Cures and The BG Gauntlet Mud Run. These funds have helped local and national level organizations; some of those are St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Wounded Warriors, the Family Enrichment Center, and the Center for Courageous Kids. She also created The Ethan Foundation, which is a nonprofit helping fund initiatives for children’s fitness.

Erin received the Women of Achievement Award from the Bowling Green Human Rights Commission in 2017 for her community service.

Richter continues to expand her coaching knowledge and experience by attending seminars and clinics, such as USA weightlifting, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Mobility, and FreeStyle Gymnastics. She is now the first Certified CrossFit Trainer in the Bowling Green area.